Day Trip : The Annual Glenfinnan Gathering and Highland Games

Sat 19th Aug 17 , 11:30
Sat 19th Aug 17 , 5:00

For many the Glenfinnan Gathering is the focus of a celebration of a way of life now long gone. For one day in a year it is almost possible to transport back in time and envisage what it must have been like on that day in August 1745 when the Prince raised his Standard.
There is controversy over the exact site where the original ceremony took place. In fact there are three contending sites all nearby. However the site of the current games field is accepted by the majority as the true site.
Every year on the third Saturday of August, the gathering opens with a speech from the Chieftain of the games. Here we see the late Cameron of Lochiel making the toast on the occasion of the 250th celebration games in 1995.
The tradition of the Glenfinnan gathering was resurrected by Mrs Cameron-Head of Inverailort over 50 years ago. Nowadays the event is eagarly looked forward to and is enjoyed by many as a highlight of the Glenfinnan year.


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PHOTO BY Kyle Macintyre


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