Griogair Labhruidh and Gyuto Monks of Tibet 2017 Tour

Sat 16th Dec 17 , 7:30 pm
Sat 16th Dec 17
Ballachulish Village Hall

Talented local traditional musician, Griogair Labhruidh, is hosting and performing with the The Gyuto Monks of Tibet on the Scottish leg of their 2017 December tour!

The Dalai Lama‘s world famous Gyuto Monks are masters of Tibetan Buddist ritual and ceremony, the monks chant in a deep harmonic overtone, unique on the planet.

In association with with Illumina Studios & Media, hosting with Jean-Paul Mertinez and Àros na Fèinn. This is going to be an amazing collaboration!!

Tickets will be available at .

Ballachulish Village Hall


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