Halloween Fancy Dress Night at the Clachaig

Sat 28th Oct 17
Sat 28th Oct 17
Clachaig Inn, Glencoe

Come celebrate the Celtic New Year, Samhain(Sow’inn) with us here at the Clachaig on Saturday 28th October. Samhain is the ancient Celtic Festival marking the end of Autumn and the begining of Winter. Although these days it is better known as Hallowe’en.

Young Celtic children would blacken their faces and wear old clothes so they could hide from the Aos Si, the spirits or the fairies, while they went guising, often reciting verses in exchange for food.

Fancy Dress

To continue in this tradition we will be encouraging all our visitors and guests to come along this evening in their Hallowe’en fancy dress. Our staff will be setting the high standards again. And to provide a little encouragement we’ll be handing out a prize for the best Halloween costume on the night, which will be chosen by the band. To provide a little encouragement we’ve added a few photos of some ghoulish behaviour by the staff from 2016 below.

The MacDonald’s of Glencoe have their own witch. Her name was Corrag. Shortly before the massacre at Glencoe in 1692, she was seen washing clothes at the ford of the river while she wept. She had tried to warn MacIain the clan chief of the upcoming massacre but her warnings went unheeded. After the massacre she took MacIains sword and through it into the Loch saying “So long as this sword lays undisturbed by man, no man from this Glen will die by the sword again.” And no man from the Glen died at Culloden, or any other battles or wars until 1916 when the Captain of a dredging ship uncovered the sword the day before the Battle of the Somme. On the first day of the battle seven men from Glencoe were killed. Or so the story goes.
There are many tales you hear of Corrag growing up in Glencoe how many of them are true?

So why not tell your own Witch Stories perhaps while sampling some of  Witches Cauldron, a fine ale from the Cairngorm Brewery .

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