Champions Invitational Enduro 20th November 2016

The final event of the year hosted by No Fuss Events 

The Champions Invitational Enduro is a chance for all No Fuss friends, customers and like minded enjoyers of the outdoor and mountain biking to get together.

Kinlochleven has deservedly gained a reputation for great racing over challenging terrain,  participants  can expect slick organistation and great craic!  These values are exactly what No Fuss is all about, so there is little doubt that this will be a legendary event.

Expect great stages and brilliant entertainment!

This format is a 2 day event with practice on the Saturday and racing on the Sunday. Saturday night entertainment will be provided.


Registration will be from 8.30am – 4pm on Saturday.  This will be very very busy, so please be patient.

You will choose your start times at registration.

Saturday Night

After your days practice, get yourself clean and shiny and get yourself fed

There are 2  pubs, a Co-op and a chippy and other earteries in Kinlochleven so don’t forget to spread the love!!

The Course

The course will consists of 3 stages.

There are no feed stations on the course.  You will pass through/close to town between stages.

Please prepare yourself for a day on the hills being self sufficient.

Sunday Morning

Due to the time of year and limited light and to further reduce any queuing on the hill we will be using all 3 stages at the same time.  YOU MUST RIDE THE STAGES IN THE ORDER GIVEN TO YOU. This will be:

1,2,3 or

2,3,1 or


Please do not change the order.

With this system we will be sending 30 people every 8 minutes – earliest start time 8.30, latest start time 10.24.  There should be plenty of time to space yourselves out at the start of the stage too, so don’t panic too much about getting an early start time.

Timing Chips

Timing Chips will be getting handed out from 8am.  Please come no earlier than 30 minutes before your start time to collect your chip – if your start time is 9.30am, please don’t join the queue until 9am etc.

Timing chips should be worn on either wrist, there will be timing boxes on both sides of the trail at the top and the bottom of each stage.  It is your responsibility to ‘dib’ in and out of each stage – look for the flash of the light and listen for a beep.


Prizegiving will take place once everyone has finished the race. This will be approximately 4.15pm.

Who is going to be the CHAMPION???

Don’t forget to book your accommodation in good time to avoid disappointment.

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