A Day in the Life of an Action Glen Instructor

Meet Mark; the main man behind Action Glen at the Isles of Glencoe. He’s been paddling around these waters for over 15 years so what he doesn’t know about the area and paddling isn’t worth knowing. With no less than 9 qualifications under his belt (or lifejacket), you know you are in safe hands.

Action Glen Isles of Glencoe Hotel

Mark showing off his stand up paddling skills







7am – First check of the day (as well as Facebook) is to check the one thing that decides what the day ahead entails – the weather. If it’s not looking great for paddling, adventurers will be offered some dry land activities or to move their booking to another day.

8am – Head on down to the adventure centre, set out the flags and open up for the day.

9am – Quick check of the emails to check there’s nothing needing urgent attention before heading out on the water. If we have any adventurers looking for a two wheeled quest, we’ll kit them up, fit the bike to them and send them on their way for day (or just half) on the trails.

9.30am – Let the paddling commence! Our sea kayak tour is the most popular activity and takes adventurers on a tour of Loch Leven. Once you have got to grips and are happy out on the water, you’ll head off to Burial Island where the history and stories of Glencoe and Loch Leven will come to life. The next stop on the tour is the salmon fish farm, before heading off to take in the views of the pap of Glencoe. Keep your eyes peeled for herons, oyster catchers, seals and if you are really lucky, a friendly otter might pop by to say hello. If you’re feeling a bit hot under your wetsuit from all that paddling and fancy a splash (if you’ve not already had one), you can go “man overboard” as we head for shore.

Action Glen Isles of Glencoe Hotel

Otter in Loch Leven







12.30pm- Head in off the water and change back into dry clothes, wave guests off and then head for a bite to eat (paddling is hungry work) before the afternoon session.

Action Glen Isles of Glencoe Hotel

Great view of the Pap of Glencoe







1pm- The salt water is not the kindest on the equipment so it all needs to be washed down thoroughly and left out to dry (weather permitting).

1.30pm- Sticking to dry land for the afternoon, archery is the next activity of the day so head out to set it up. We’ve archery and air rifles which is great for when there are rough seas (or those who don’t have very good sea legs!)

2pm- Meet the archers and head out onto the range. For those with a competitive element, we can set some fun challenges and it’s a great activity for all the family.

3pm- Once the winner is announced and congratulatory handshakes given, the archers head off (perhaps for a celebratory drink) and the archery equipment is taken down and stored away.

3.30pm- Time to check those tyres and oil those chains to make sure our range Genesis Core mountain bikes are all in full working order. The mountain bike trails around here can prove challenging so want to ensure the bikes (and the riders) are ready for them.

4.30pm- Back to the desk to check in on the emails and catch up with anything that has come in during the day including bookings, enquiries and rotas for the days ahead.

5pm – It’s the end of another beautiful day and time to shut up shop and head home.

Come rain, sun or snow, Mark is on hand to bring you an adventure… what are you waiting for!

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Did you know…. When he‘s not working, Mark can often be found out on the trails with his mountain bike along with local group, the Tree Hugging Midge Munchers.

Action Glen Isles of Glencoe Hotel

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