Chosen Moments

The beauty spot we find ourselves occupying can only exist as the playground we might like it to be if certain essentials are in place.
‘Playtime and desire’ followed by the ‘use it or lose it’ principle.

It’s not the playground that’s at risk it’s playtime and desire that can fade into work time and the Parisienne disease ‘I’ll do the Eiffel tomorrow’. If we are lucky enough to live here, hopefully by choice, and can engineer a little playtime then truly we are the lucky ones who’s experiences, big and small, sow the seeds of desire in others, should there be a tinge of work time overload creeping in. No preaching just enthusiasm rubbing off.

Our visitors bring their cameras, suitcases rucksacks and wet-weather gear abundant with desire to experience and adventure. They are on holiday immune from Parisienne-itis.
When the gaps in our day-to-day allow, which is often a conscious choice of action we shoe-horn in, the magic of ‘desire for more’ can be felt immediately.

Whatever the ‘Eiffel du jour’ we chose, be it sitting and just soaking in the scenery or going skiing or sailing – or both! without chosing that little moment daily the greater adventures will pass us by. Plenty of us would struggle to reach the top of the numerous ‘Eiffels’ we have around us and this wee message is not about massive stuff it’s about smaller moments, shared or alone that remind us on a daily basis how lucky we are. Small moments lead by natural lore to great ones. That deep sigh we experience can be our breath being taken away by a shaft of sunlight striking the heather and golden bracken or it could be about the washing machine.

Chosen moments both.




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