Covid-19 – Recovery, Phase 1

Though we haven’t been able to fully explore our beautiful area for the last few months, nothing has been able to stop us from dreaming about the trips we want to take someday soon!

Phase 1 of our recovery is starting Friday 29 May; this is local travel with measures of social distancing and increased hygiene still in place. A limited number of businesses and activities can restart if they meet the conditions. Here, we share all the information you need on Phase 1.

For now, the advice remains that you should stay within your local area when you go outside for exercise or other activities.

  • You must stay 2 metres away from anyone outside of your household at all times – indoors and outdoors.
  • If cases begin to rise again, restrictions may need to be reintroduced, and we may need to go backwards through the phases.
  • Travel by walk, wheel and cycle where possible.
  • If you go somewhere outdoors and it is too crowded to remain at a distance of 2 metres, please consider leaving and finding somewhere else to go.

You can:

  • Use public outdoor spaces for recreational purposes such as sitting to enjoy the sun.
  • Meet up with one other household outdoors at a time, with no more than a maximum of 8 people in a group, and no more than one household per day. Don’t share food & drink, but bring your own for your household if enjoying a picnic or a barbecue.
  • Travel short distances (around 5 miles) for enjoying the outdoors and exercise.
  • Visit drive through food outlets.
  • Visit garden centres and plant nurseries.
  • Enjoy unlimited outdoor exercise.
  • Get back to angling, archery, athletics including running and jogging, croquet, cycling, horse riding, golf, lawn bowls, outdoor tennis, walking and watersports.

If you’d like to know what future phases are expected to look like, what will open and at what stage and at what stage you’ll be able to take a local trip or explore further VisitScotland have got all the up-to-date information you need on what each phase is expected to look like. Planning a trip within Scotland has moved a step closer, find info on all stages here, but please remember:

  • Timings of each phase are not confirmed – details will continue to be given daily by the Scottish Government at their briefings.
  • Some measures within a phase may be introduced at different times.
  • The measures of previous phases continue to apply, unless said differently.
  • This route map is a dynamic, living plan so could change on a week to week basis as advice and evidence becomes available.

Updated: 28 May 2020

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