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On Wednesday 24 June the First Minister announced further details of the implementation of Recovery Phase 2/3. We urge you all, please continue to follow the guidelines and stay local to keep everyone safe. The details announced so far are below.

We’d like to thank you all for respecting the guidelines so far, if we continue to follow them the next phases of recovery will hopefully run smoothly and safely. To help we have published a ‘Visitor Charter’. We hope it will provide a reminder to people who may not know – or may have forgotten – the publicly available Scottish guidelines for Covid-19 containment to keep all of us safe and well.

Be patient. Your safety is our top priority. We are working hard to follow and implement the guidelines on social distancing and increased hygiene into our business practices.

Businesses here are only opening as the phases of recovery allow – and only when they are happy they can meet these standards and feel ready to welcome the public back into their premises. Some are taking bookings for future dates and others can offer vouchers or online sales.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back as recovery phases progress. But for now, many car parks, conveniences and businesses remain closed. So, if you are lucky enough to live locally – please plan before you travel.

When you arrive somewhere during this period – if you feel it’s too busy please adapt your plans. There are so many alternative beauty spots and pathways here. We’re very fortunate with our backyard!

May I travel to Glencoe?

The current advice is to remain local, you can travel short distances (broadly within 5 miles) from your home for unlimited outdoor exercise and it’s best to walk, cycle or wheel to your destination if you can.

So, if you live outside of the Glencoe and Loch Leven area you are still advised not to visit. Stay local and within your immediate area until we reach the July dates issued by the Scottish Government. Please plan ahead if you do intend to travel – even locally.

Camping is restricted. On announcing Phase 2 the First Minister clarified that travel to a second home would be possible only for essential maintenance from Monday 29 June. This is in line with relaxation of house moves.

From 3 July the travel restriction will be lifted, you may stay at your second home for leisure or book self-catering accommodation (without shared facilities). Other accommodation can open from 15 July.

When you are in the area please know where you are heading. Make sure you know your route, have a good set of directions and a phone number in case you do get disorientated. Some of our community are shielding and therefore may not welcome lost visitors at their door are warmly as they normally would. Postcodes can run for over 3 miles here so satnav systems can struggle to help direct you to a precise location. Please check before travelling.

Looking forward to welcoming you back…

A provisional date of 15 July has been set by our Government for when all tourism businesses may be able to resume operations, dependent on public health advice and progression to Phase 3 of the Scottish Government lockdown route map.

On 3 July travel restrictions ease and you may stay over night at self-catering accommodation (without shared facilities), or a second home. Many businesses are taking bookings, check with your provider for details. Then, from 6 July you can enjoy outdoor hospitality – including beer gardens.

We have some activity businesses open for a local audience during Phase 1, details below, and more are opening for Phase 2 when they meet the safety guidelines. Our members will only be able to open as the Scottish Government’s recovery plan rolls-out and when they feel it is safe for them to.

Stay safe. Be kind. More details on this in our news pages

Glencoe & Loch Leven advice & information

Safety is our priority for the people who live and work here, COVID-19 has not gone away. Although some restrictions have eased for now you will still find that car parks, toilets, facilities and many businesses remain closed. Please plan ahead if you are lucky enough to live locally and intend to visit Glencoe and Loch Leven, check websites in advance and take care when you travel.

  • Check your travel route for any disruptions.
  • Bring your own food and drink.
  • Take your rubbish home with you.
  • ‘Go before you go’ – many public toilet facilities are still closed.
  • Don’t add to the busyness, if an area feels too busy then it is too busy, have a back up plan if you need to move on.
  • Do not light fires or BBQs in public outdoors areas at the present time.
  • Be mindful of local residents and communities who live and work in the areas you are visiting, please be kind.

What can I do in the area?

There will be many places you will want to revisit in the area now that restrictions are being eased. However, if you feel a location is too busy, it probably is too busy. Please be flexible. Be prepared to move on and save that experience for another day.

We anticipate that our area will be popular with locals at weekends. If you are considering visiting please plan ahead, be prepared and remember to keep your safety, that of your families and our communities as a priority.

Some businesses are able to re-open during Phase 2. We are all new to the guidelines and criteria set out by Government so please be patient and remember to maintain social distances, cough etiquette and your own hand hygiene. Their opening hours may not be as they were and new measures may include:

  • contactless payment
  • increased cleaning protocols
  • we will ask customers to wear face masks
  • staff will wear face masks or other ppe
  • distancing lines at checkouts
  • one-way system
  • offering free hand santiser
  • limit to customers at any one time
  • perspex screen for reception areas.
  • Limited number of bathrooms
  • Services may be available by arrangement/pre-booking only
  • Opening hours may be reduced or offer individual access by pre-booking

Businesses who are open now:

  • Crafts & Things, Glencoe – gift and book shop open, 10am-4pm weekdays, 9.30-4pm weekends. Café open for takeaway food, 3rd to 5th July. Café open for takeaway and outdoor area seating, 6th to 14th July. All open as normal from 15th July. 10am-4pm weekdays, 9.30-4pm weekends.
  • Crankitupgear Glencoe – pre-booking only. For repairs and sales. No bike hire at this time
  • Dragon’s Tooth Golf Course – normal hours
  • Highland Titles Nature Reserve – Car park and paths only
  • Holroyd Gallery – open Tues-Sat, 10-1 pm Private viewings by appointment, then open 2-5 pm
  • Kinlochlaich Garden Centre – 10am-4pm, 7-days or contact for access
  • Rugged Paddle Board – Private Loch Leven Lessons or Rental, available by arrangement.
  • Tools & Tackle – 10am-12.30pm, Mon- Sat.

Businesses hoping to open in Phase 2:

  • Lochleven Seafood Café, Onich – open for takeaway from 9th July, Thurs / Fri / Sat only, from shop.

Please check information on each business’s website before travelling, even locally.

Know the code

If you are lucky enough to live locally, please do continue to make use of local path networks. When you are here please observe social distancing, and sanitise hands before and after touching any gates to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Whether there is a global pandemic or not, people should always look after the countryside by following the ‘Scottish Outdoor Access Code’:
Take litter home, keep dogs under control, do not light fires or BBQs at this time, use the toilet at home before you travel, be mindful of ground nesting birds, wildlife and livestock, and leave gates as you find them

Scottish Outdoor Access Code

Scottish Government Announcements

As we progress through the recovery phases it’s important to note that previous phase conditions apply. Please continue to follow advice.

24.06.2020 The following update was announced:
In addition to the 18 June announcement (noted below) the following dates are outlined:

From Friday 3 July

  • The travel distance restriction of 5 miles will be relaxed.
  • You can book self-catering accommodation (without shared facilities) or or visit your second home.

From Monday 6 July, you can:

  • Enjoy outdoor hospitality, including beer gardens.

In addition to the above it is anticipated that:

From 10 July

  • People can meet in extended groups outdoors with physical distancing.
  • Households can meet indoors with up to a maximum of two other households.

From 13 July

  • Children and young people can play organised outdoor contact sports.
  • You can visit shops inside shopping centres.

From 15 July

  • Book a stay at any type of holiday accommodation.
  • Eat out at restaurants and pubs indoors with new hygiene measures.
  • Visit the hairdresser or barber.
  • Go to museums, galleries, cinemas, monuments and libraries with new measures in place, including booking tickets in advance. Please make sure to check with individual providers to check opening times and information before your visit.

*All future dates to be confirmed by the Scottish Government.

Visit the Scottish Government website for more detailed information. 

18.06.2020 Phase 2 Staged Implementation announced.

Here’s a breakdown of how the easing will be rolled out once guidance is implemented:

From Monday 29 June

  • all shops with street access can open
  • outdoor markets can re-open with limited access
  • outdoor sports courts can re-open
  • playgrounds can re-open
  • zoos and garden attractions can open but should remain limited to local access only (broadly within 5 miles) in this phase
  • marriages and civil partnerships allowed with minimal attendees – outdoors only

The announcement clarified that travel to a second home only for essential maintenance would be possible, in line with relaxation of house moves, from Monday 29 June.

From Monday 22 June

  • You must wear face coverings on public transport (eg: trains, buses, taxis)
  • Places of worship will reopen for individual prayer or contemplation
  • Consistent with Phase 2, accommodation allowed for those required to stay away from home for work purposes

From Friday 19 June

  • people who are not shielding can now meet with two households outside. An 8 person overall limit and need for physical distancing remains. During this outdoor visit they can use toilets indoors (hygiene measures are essential).
  • certain household types can now meet others indoors in an ‘extended households’.
  • Use limited public transport services – capacity will remain constrained due to physical distancing requirements – active travel remains the preferred mode of travel. That is using foot, wheel or cycle. There may be geographical differences in approaches to transport depending on circumstances. 

In addition to the above – Phase 1 conditions still apply

29.05.2020 The Scottish Government has now implemented Phase 1 of the transition out of lockdown.

  • Maintain physical distancing at all times, indoors and outdoors.
  • Travel by walk, wheel and cycle where possible.
  • If you go somewhere outdoors and it is too busy, we suggest leaving and finding somewhere else to go.
  • All Forestry and Land Scotland facilities remain closed including car parks, visitor centres, cafes, toilets, built facilities and mountain bike trails.

You can:

  • Use local public outdoor spaces for recreational purposes such as sitting to enjoy the sun.
  • Meet up with one other household outdoors at a time, with no more than a maximum of 8 people in a group, and no more than one household per day. Don’t share food & drink, but bring your own for your household if enjoying a picnic or a barbecue. (*Changes in Phase 2)
  • Travel short distances (around 5 miles) for enjoying the outdoors and exercise.
  • Visit take away food outlets.
  • Visit garden centres and plant nurseries.
  • Enjoy unlimited outdoor exercise.
  • Get back to angling, archery, running and jogging, outdoor swimming, cycling, horse riding, golf, lawn bowls, outdoor tennis, walking and watersports.

Don’t forget:

  • You must stay 2 metres away from anyone outside of your household at all times.
  • You should maintain hand hygiene (wash your hands or sanitise them more regularly).
  • Timings of each phase are not confirmed – details will continue to be given daily by the Scottish Government at their briefings.
  • If cases begin to rise again, restrictions may need to be reintroduced, and we may need to go backwards through the phases.
  • The phased recovery route map is a dynamic, living plan so could change on a week to week basis as advice and evidence becomes available.

Future Phases

VisitScotland have a page explaining what to expect from each of the four phases of recovery. So you can plan at what stage you’ll be able to take a local trip or when you can explore further. The next review date in advance of Phase 3 is expected to be Thursday 9 July 2020.

Visit Scotland will be updating the information here regularly.

Last reviewed: 30 June 2020

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