Corran Narrows – Highland Open Water Swim

Sun 11th Oct 20
Sun 11th Oct 20
Corran Ferry Terminal

This is the fourth time we cross the Corran Narrows and it has become one of our most popular swims. At 380m, it may be a short swim, but it’s not without its challenges as you can always feel the tide pulling… and not in the direction you want to swim! This is a short swim, but it may not be indicated for absolute beginners as there is a certain degree of difficulty to cross and, in October, the water will be getting cold.

The swim distance across is approximately 380m. Swimmers can swim just one way or both ways – please let us know at registration what you wish to do. Crossing one way would suit most swimmers, but we recommend swimming back for more experienced swimmers as there is a constant undertow current always pulling. Those that decide to swim only one way can return on the ferry as a passenger.

The swim is planned for 2pm, but this is still subject to confirmation. Final details will be sent to those who register for the swim.

There is no minimum age for swimmers, but participants under 16 must have a parent present. The parent doesn’t have to do the swim, but needs to be present throughout the event. Swimmers with disabilities are also welcome – please contact Alex on [email protected] for more information.

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