Quiz Night at the Clachaig Inn

Mon 11th Feb 19 , 9:00 pm
Mon 11th Feb 19 , 10:30 pm
in the Boots Bar at the Clachaig Inn

Ray Von/The Quiz Ninja: And the answer is, the Shroud of Turin.
Phoenix Nights Quiz Team: Ah, sh*t.
Kenny Junior: What did we put ?
Kenny Senior: Lisa Stansfield

As with all things Clachaig, it’s a very informal affair. We’ll find our very own Ray Von to act as Quiz Ninja and we’ll spend much of January on Google assimilating vast quantities of general knowledge. Whilst you may be climbing those hills by day exercising every muscle in your body, you can spend Monday evenings exercising your brain.

Come along with your own team, or if you’re really bold you and have a brain the size of a planet you can enter solo.

Please donate £1 entry per person. The winners will receive prizes kindly donated from some of our suppliers.

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