Tunna playing live at the Clachaig Inn

Sat 29th Sep 18 , 9:00 pm
Sat 29th Sep 18
in the Boots Bar


Tunna “tun-ah” – lots of, a load of, a tonne of.

Hailing from around Perthshire, Tunna were originally formed in 2008. They have become popular as both a performing band at various venues and as a ceilidh band at parties and weddings.

Tunna bridge the gap between Scottish tunes, Funk, Rock, Calypso, Swing, Jazz, Samba, Bossa Nova and just about everything else. Influence by their different musical backrounds and eclectical tastes has produced an arrangementof pieces which combine variety of rhythms and sounds with Scottish based fiddle tunes. The result is an exciting performance or original and traditional tunes taking you across the genres.

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