Insurrection with Professor James Hunter at the Highland Bookshop

Tue 26th Nov 19 , 7:00
Tue 26th Nov 19 , 8:00
Highland Bookshop, Fort William High Street

Insurrection with Professor James Hunter
Tuesday November 26th at 7pm

We are excited to host James Hunter as he joins us to discuss his new book Insurrection: Scotland’s Famine Winter.

When Scotland’s 1846 potato crop was wiped out by blight, the country was plunged into crisis. In the Hebrides and the West Highlands a huge relief effort came too late to prevent starvation and death. Further east, meanwhile, towns and villages from Aberdeen to Wick and Thurso, rose up in protest at the cost of the oatmeal that replaced potatoes as people’s basic foodstuff.


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