The Red Fox – The facts behind Kidnapped

James Stewart of Appin was wrongly hung for the murder of Colin Campbell nicknamed the “Red Fox”.  The Red Fox was shot and killed near Hunter’s Lodge at Lettermore by Kentallen (a forest walk takes you to a cairn).  James had an alibi, but was arrested, tried and hung for the murder in 1752.  There was no love lost between the pro government Campbells and the pro Jacobite Stewarts and James was clearly “framed”.  Locally, it was known who had actually committed the murder and the secret is said to be passed down through one local family.  A small stone monument at the south side of Ballachulish Bridge marks where James was hung and his birthplace in Glenduror is also accessible by a forest track.  His body was eventually removed from the gallows under the cover of darkness and he was buried at Keil Churchyard at Duror.  The story is adapted in the story of “Kidnapped” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

A leaflet is available and you can follow the Red Fox Trail from Oban to Ballachulish.

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