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A uniquely funded Nature Reserve, conserving Scotland ‘One square foot at a time’

Glencoe Wood is home to red deer, roe deer, pine martens, badgers, red fox, otters, herons and ducks amongst other things. For a full species list, click here.

In 2013, we created a 3-acre lochan in order to attract more bird life.  Every day, our volunteers and infra-red motion-sensitive cameras are ready with their cameras, hoping to catch sight of the elusive osprey.

If you are hoping to see deer, a fox or a badger, we recommend that you visit on your own very early in the morning or evening.

You will certainly see many different kinds of trees, including downy and silver birch, willow, rowan, hawthorn, oak, alder, holly and willow. Indeed, the Salachan burn runs through Glencoe Wood; Salachan being derived from the Gaelic for “willow”. In summer you’ll see many wildflowers. Note the lichens on the rocks and trees, which tell us that the air here is clean.

In 2014, we installed 10 beehives on the land.  Bees are ecological superheroes, pollinating around one third of the UK’s food supplies.  The worldwide bee populations have been in decline over recent years and we are keen to do as much as we can to help. We are involving local schools by giving hives to the children to paint. They then adopt the hives and learn through visits and presentations how important bees are.

We are graded a 4 star Visitor Attraction by Visit Scotland.

It is possible to book a ‘Meet & Greet’ guided tour of the Reserve too.

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