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A provisional date of 15 July has been set by our Government for when tourism businesses may be able to resume operations, dependent on public health advice and progression to Phase 3 of the Scottish Government lockdown route map.

“Businesses should start to prepare for a provisional return to trading – with appropriate safety guidelines – on 15 July 2020.

“This date cannot be definitive and is conditional on public health advice and progression to Phase 3 of the route map. Businesses must now use this time to satisfy the necessary regulations and adapt to the new way of living.”

Tourism Secretary, Fergus Ewing MSP

We have some activity businesses open for a local audience during Phase 1, more will open for phase 2 when this is announced. Our members will only open as the Scottish Government’s recovery plan rolls-out.

Phase 3 is hoped to start on 15 July. That’s the earliest date accommodation can re-open and it has to be confirmed by the Government. However, there are a number who are taking bookings for any date from mid-July onwards with many offering terms that are as flexible as your plans. Please check with providers for details.

So, as the Glencoe areas looks to fully reopen as soon as the government says it is okay to do so, you may find that not all of our facilities at our hotels will be open during your stay. However, as lockdown eases we will offer what we can to the public who can travel the safe distances to enjoy our area.

Guidelines and dates for business groups will vary so, one way or another, we’re looking to be safely open for our staff, communities and visitors when we can. For some businesses this may not be on the first day possible, but when they feel it’s safe for them (and you) to welcome folk back to their premises.

If you visit a business and you think there could be an improvement or something that could help, please be kind and let the business know. We are all new to this and finding our way to what is safe for everyone. Helpful tips kindly made will always be welcome.

You may have seen in the press some tourism businesses, have had to consider job losses as a direct result of the huge Covid-19 related downturn in business. This downturn is expected to last for many months after re-opening. A few things may be different because of social distancing, increased hand hygiene and cleaning, and other guidelines. But, all our businesses will continue to offer the same quality of service and hospitality that they did before lockdown.

Stay safe. Be kind.

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