Rediscover Glencoe

As restrictions slowly ease, while the tracks are still quiet and the activities aren’t all ‘booked out until October’, there is a real opportunity to reconnect with our own backyard and experience the joy of living here.

No-one knows an area like the locals. Where to go, what to do or see, and when. The way it can invade every sense and always gives more than it takes. But, few of us living here have the time or opportunity to enjoy this landscape during the high season.

We don’t think of being a tourist where we live. We’re all too busy – we know the area. Or we can’t get a booking to suit the times we’re free. We usually lack the ability to drop everything and go out to enjoy a sunny day…

This is the time when we can support our communities and local businesses. Buy local, support local, enjoy local.

This is our opportunity to reignite our passion for this place we call home. To spend time here in our favourite place.

Locally there are lots of options, these include:

  • try a new activity like paddle boarding
  • experience a place we’ve not visited before like Highland Titles Nature Reserve
  • enjoy the knowledge shared on a guided walk with a local guide
  • make time to show the kids our favourite things from a childhood here
  • support local crafters and producers by using them instead of large retailers
  • explore pathways we’ve not had the time or opportunity to share with our family before.

It’s time to recapture in our hearts and minds why we make this place our home and rediscover all that it has to offer us.

During the recovery period, as the restriction ease, more businesses will open safely and the possibilities to enjoy will increase. You will find up-to-date information here.

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