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There comes a time when the Parisian must visit the top of the Eiffel.

Two Ski resorts 20 odd minutes drive up the way and have we been skiing yet? Can we ski??

Clare and I both went on school ski-trips as teenagers some decades ago and we had the snow-plough nailed! Bring on the white stuff. BooYaah!

We took advantage of the lesson packages on offer and launched ourselves into the unknown.

blog, neil slinger

Apart from the smiling young faces that booked us in, honoured weather-cancelled offers, soothed our daunted nerves, sized up our hire equipment, spent many hours patiently pushing our comfort zones (“I knew you could do it…and now the other boot”), and the unbelievably stunning environment of winter sports there really is nothing to write home about. Unless of course you add in the moments we’ve had launching ourselves as free-spirits, often chimp-like, seldom elegant, into the challenge.


In the first 6 weeks of our Glencoe Mountain and Nevis Range ski experiences, having been fortunate enough to snatch time between work commitments, we’ve gone bonkers. Turn up, go up, pick familiar runs to test the ski-legs and warm up, try a new run, get a bit scared, then out of the blue, a door opens up. Being taken under various wings by seasoned skiers, merely on the strength of a natter as we share a T-bar or Quad ride up the pure white reaches seems quite normal. Technique is smoothed out, confidence grows and snow conditions change, adding up to mountain-wide exploration and smiles that last for days.

I sit down to share a ride up and there’s someone giving me a double-take. Neighbour. “Ill take you to the top, show you round, and the best way down”. Golden oportunity and before you know it I’ve decided I like the lower runs better :/ I’m new to this!

Then, next visit, one of the first guys off the Back Corries, when they opened them up at Nevis, gave me 2 hours of solid exposure to carving with confidence down under Quad with a bit of Sidewinder thrown in. I’m now regularly up the top and the spring snow is mellow enough for me to achieve things I cannot begin to explain, beyond “unbelievable”.

Best bet – DIY and find the magic. In short, skiing here is about as easy as turning up. Season tickets next season for us which of course will encourage further adventures. What could possibly go wrong?

blog, neil slinger

blog, neil slinger







Neil Slinger 23/03/16

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